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   BMA / GPC   


Event Date & Time Venue & Details

LMC Conference 2014



Thursday 22nd May 2014 to

Friday 23rd May 2014


York Barbican

Paragon Street

York YO10 4NT



Sunday 22nd June 2014 to

Thursday 26th June 2014

Harrogate International Centre
Kings Road


Press Releases:

Doctors demand urgent halt to funding cuts that are threatening the survival of key GP practices (25/06/14)

Clinical Commissioning Groups are failing to involve GPs and deliver improvements to care (23/06/14)

Interview with Simon Stevens, NHSE (02/06/14)

Cuts, lack of investment and a recruitment crisis leave general practice unable to reach full potential, GP leaders warn (15/05/14)

A new route to good dementia care (22/05/14)

NHS England pilots new scheme to help GPs tackle long-term conditions (21/05/14)

British Medical Association launches debate on the future of general practice (15/05/14)

GP leaders call for urgent solutions to tackle the impending threat to patient services as ‘Your GP cares' campaign launches (13/05/14)

Millions to benefit from improved GP care (DOH)(14/04/14)

BMA response to comments by the Chair of the Care Quality Commission, David Prior (03/04/14)

BMA response to changes to the GP contract in England (01/04/14)

Health and Social Care Act – is it working? (01/04/14)

BMA response to Lord Warner's calls for a £10 NHS charge (31/03/14)

Six out of ten GPs considering retiring early as workload crisis hits general practice (24/03/14)


QOF Datasets & Business Rules V29.0 (Jun 2014)

New Enhanced Services Datasets & Business Rules (Jun 2014)

New Enhanced Services Specifications(Jun 2014)

CQRS Guides for 2014/15 Enhanced Services (Jun 2014)

New Regulations (Jun 2014)

Your GP Cares Campaign film (Jun 2014)

Guide to the 2014/15 National Tariff Payment System (May 2014)

New Pharmaceutical Documents (May 2014)

NHSE Standard Medical Services Contract (May 2014)

New Regulations (May 2014)

Directions to Health Education England (GP Registrars) 2014 (May 2014)

ES Childhood Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme (May 2014)

Flu Plan 2014/15 (May 2014)

The National Flu Programme letter (May 2014)

CQC Handbook for GP Practices (May 2014)

GMS Contract Updates (May 2014)

Enhance Services Updates (May 2014)

Update on Commissioning (May 2014)

GP Contract Changes 2014/15 - Equality Analysis (Apr 2014)

New QOF/CQRS Guidance (Apr 2014)

New Directions (Apr 2014)

New Regulations (Apr 2014)

QOF Business Rules V28.0 (Apr 2014)

2014/15 GMS Contract Quality and Outcomes Framework (Apr 2014)

Avoiding Unplanned Admissions Enhanced Service - guidance and audit requirements (Apr 2014)

GMS Contract changes 2014/15 (Apr 2014)

Vaccination & Immunisation Programmes 2014/15 (Apr 2014)